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We are experts in pay per call local lead generation. It’s become an unexpected passion in helping others grow their business. We work with a variety of businesses; small, medium, large, across many verticals.

Simply put Pay per call lead generation is the most no-brainer investment you can make. We work to target people searching for your services, and route those incoming calls or emails directly to you.

This type of pay for performance, lead generation completely negates the risk of SEO monthly retainers or paid ad programs. Rather worry about driving traffic and then converting it, you only pay per conversion.

We love hearing about different business models, their history and story. We may not be a fit and that’s fine. Happy to chat about some of the systems we use to generate leads, and if your business is a fit.

Let’s recap.

  • You don’t actually pay until a valid customer lead is delivered to your company.
  • It’s our time and money spent until someone contacts you.
  • We only offer qualified calls longer than 30 seconds. If it’s less than 30 seconds or a junk call you never pay for the call.
  • We provide exclusive territories. Your lead won’t be sold to other competitors like most large lead providers (cough cough HomeAdvisor)

Contact me today to see if your business is a fit. We commonly provide leads to attorneys, doctors, tradesmen, and various professionals. We’re people just like you. Your growth is our growth.

Please call or email me with the form to the left and I’d love to discuss how we can begin generating your business more leads.

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Per per call lead generation company
Actual Call Summary:

How do we do Pay Per Lead Marketing?

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click a.k.a PPC services like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook PPC Ads places your website or our lead gen websites directly in front of individuals who are searching exactly for what you offer. When combining Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads, there is no better source for targeted leads. We are constantly designing and testing “landing pages” specific to your market audience and demographic increase relevancy and trust to help drive qualified leads from our ads.

SEO & Content Marketing

Organic search is arguably the safest investment with the highest return. Ranking your website to the top of relevant search results allows you to garner traffic without having to pay for every click. We optimize websites to appear on the first page beneath the ads. Proper conversion design, combined with relevant and compelling copy helps initiate visitors to take action.


Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert. Have you ever looked at a product online, then logged onto Facebook and notice the same product you just looked at being advertised in front of you? That’s retargeting. Placing your ad in front of user’s who’ve already visited. We implement this strategy for both our Pay Per Lead clients and the client’s businesses themselves and it’s very effective lead driver.

Video Production

Unlike most digital marketing firms we have the unique ability to create professional and original videos to market your services. Videos are extremely valuable marketing assests as they can be repurposed over and over and lead gen tools. Often we optimize the YouTube video for search and run Facebook video ads.

Types of Leads We Generate

Pay Per Call Phone Leads

Our #1, and prioritized lead source for our partners, especially in home services, and professional service industries. Phone leads are generated from a diverse range of lead sources including paid traffic and organic. All leads are identified by the Partner as someone who may be of interest or who would gain by the many benefits of Doug Swarts’ marketing application and services.

What is a qualified lead?

  • Live Phone Calls (where the Partner answers the phone) under 30 seconds will not be charged a lead.
  • Missed Calls where the Partner is unavailable and the prospect leaves a message is charged per lead depending on the relevance of the caller’s message. You may set specific hours. We won’t charge you for leads who request service outside your service area or beyond your scope of services.
  • If the Partner feels a call should not qualify as a paid lead, the Partner may contact Doug Swarts, LLC with a written request to waive fee. We want this to be a sustainable program, positive ROI program for our partners and follow up for feedback on lead quality.
  • All Call Numbers, Tracking Software, and Marketing Costs will be paid for by Doug Swarts, LLC. The Partner will have no out-of–pocket expenses with our Pay Per Lead program.

PPL – Email Leads

Email leads are sourced from a variety of different propriety web assets we build for our partners in both online and/or offline channels. An email lead will contain up-to-date contact information of potential clients, including company name, contact person, phone number(s), email, and which service or interest. All information will be emailed directly to you from a business landing page to be designed and programmed by Doug Swarts and his team.

PPL – Text Leads

Depending on the vertical, text leads are a great, low effort method for new customers to contact you. It’s quick, no hassle form of communication lends itself great for home service types of industries, where customers are looking for quick answers to questions regarding service area, pricing, availability, and quote requests.

Let’s get your phone ringing!

Call me (Doug Swarts) today at (805) 602-7191 or contact me here.

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What is CPL (Cost Per Lead)?