Here in SLO we are proud members of the San Luis Obispo community. We value political participation, engaging with the local Chamber of Commerce and giving feedback on local legislation. We are highly involved in environmental stewardship, specifically healthy lifestyles, outdoor recreation, responsible consumption habits by advocating for re-usable canteens over bottled water, saying no to plastic straws, and educating the youth of various local and global environmental systems. San Luis Obispo County is a wonderfully diverse community both ethnically, geographically, culturally, and demographically. There’s something very unique about the Central Coast’s seclusion yet accessible proximity to two the world’s major metropolitan areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles, all right here in California. We are proud to call this stretch of Coast home, and are passionate in keeping it’s values and scenery intact.

While a majority of SLO county are employed by the stapled organizations and institutions, a majority in the health and education sector. Some of which include Cal Poly State University, PG and E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton, Ami Sierra Vista Radiology Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, Atascadero State Hospital, and more. However over the past decade we’ve seen a significant rise tech companies relocating and starting up in SLO. It’s created a vibrant local tech scene even attracting the likes of a local Amazon office.

Below are various busineses with similar cultural values as are own we are happy to promote:

Valley STD San Luis Obispo

Affordable STD Testing in San Luis Obispo, CA

Valley STD
331 Kentucky St, Unit A3
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 365-0004

One With Nature

“Conscious Over Convenience”


Home Care Boost

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