SEO San Luis Obispo

Our role is to focus your marketing budget to be more efficient and develop a stream of leads and customers that arrive predictably.

My team and I provide lead generation through a variety of mediums both directly and indirectly. We specialize in pay per lead, local SEO for San Luis Obispo and California, video production, web design, and email marketing. All of these strategies are built with the goal of generating qualified leads into new clientele. We commonly serve local service professional businesses such as attorneys, doctors, tradesmen, and more.

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Digital Marketing Strategies We Use to Generate Leads

SEO & Content Marketing

Organic search is arguably the safest investment with the highest return. Ranking your website to the top of relevant search results allows you to garner traffic without having to pay for every click. We optimize websites to appear on the first page beneath the ads. Proper conversion design, combined with relevant and compelling copy helps initiate visitors to take action.


Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert. Have you ever looked at a product online, then logged onto Facebook and notice the same product you just looked at being advertised in front of you? That's retargeting. Placing your ad in front of user's who've already visited. We implement this strategy for both Pay Per Lead clients and our SEO clients. Highly effective for both services and products.

Video Production

Unlike most digital marketing firms we have the unique ability to create professional and original videos to market your services. Videos are extremely valuable marketing assests as they can be repurposed over and over as both branding and lead gen tools. We optimize videos for search engines and use them for Facebook video ads.

My team and I provide web design, video production, local SEO, and Pay-Per-Lead services.

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Carhartt Winery & Vineyard

Carhartt Vineyard came to my video team and I looking for a web video that would showcase their personality as a family run winery.

Experts Exchange

Shot in one day, my video team and I produced this video for Expert's Exchange to highlight the company's achievements in 2014 and more importantly what to expect in 2015. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA, Expert's Exchange is global, knowledge resource community for tech professionals.

Web Design and Development


All About Events

Web Design for San Luis Obispo


Completely new website redesign and development for Paso Robles based wedding and event rentals company All About Events. Custom "add to quote list" with over 100+ wedding and event rentals to choose from.

Carhartt Vineyard & Winery

Winery Web Design Paso Robles