Digital Marketing Strategies We Use to Generate Leads

Our role is to focus your marketing budget to be more efficient and
develop a stream of leads and customers that arrive predictably. We offer both Client SEO and Pay Per Lead services.

Testimonial on Our Local SEO Program

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My team and I provide results driven online marketing services. Our approach is holistic, developing dynamic sources of traffic, and sustainable systems to keep your leads funnel full. We provide lead generation through a variety of digital channels and mediums specific to your customer.

We specialize in pay per lead, Google Maps local SEO for San Luis Obispo, California, and beyond. We are experts in a variety of channels that help home service providers and local businesses drive new business. All of these strategies are built with the goal of generating qualified leads into new clientele. I run a sister agency called Simple Tree Digital, where we specialize in lead generation for solar companies. You can read about our various case studies and results there. However the strategies and approach are nearly identical for most local businesses in creating sustainable lead generation systems.


Organic search is arguably the safest investment with the highest return. Ranking your website to the top of relevant search results allows you to garner traffic without having to pay for every click. We optimize websites to appear on the first page beneath the ads. Proper conversion design, combined with relevant and compelling copy helps initiate visitors to take action.

Facebook Ads & Paid Search

We specialize generating leads through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Bing Ads. We have generated millions in revenue for our clients using paid ad platforms in B2C, and B2B industries. We have a very robust understanding of how to nurture the lead from click to booking and aid with lead nurture self booking appointment systems complete with retargeting, SMS and email follow up. For most local businesses however, our expertise comes with our experience in targeting, audience building, offer creation, and follow up systems. We implement this strategy for both Pay Per Lead clients and our SEO clients. Highly effective for both services and products.

Google My Business & Google Maps

We have bee ranking GMB listings since 2012. If you have a GMB listing, we can optimize this for you. If you do not, we can help you verify listings. We have a very unique and powerful strategy of being able to both a) obtain new Google My Business verified listings for your entire service area and b) rank these in the coveted “Map Pack” for high intent keywords of people searching for your business. For local businesses there is no more powerful lead driver than Google My Business aka Google Maps. Contact us today to learn about our more about our Maps SEO program.

B2B Lead Generation

We are also experts in B2B lead generation. We use a variety of channels, however the most effective is cold outreach. Using cold email and linkedin we can create a system to generate leads and appointments for your businesses. The key is having a targeted audience to speak to, and relevant marketing collateral to showcase our expertise, value, and proof of results to prospects. We handle the technical side of prepping and email account for cold outreach so emails are delivered to the inbox, along with the ability create quality lists of decision makers for any industry you’d like to target.

Contact me today to see if your business is a fit. For $99 we provide in-depth strategy session video audits of your competitors and online marketing. Call or use the contact form to your left to email me.

    Video Production Services


    We provide professional video production for our clients. We will tell your story and put it in front of the right eyeballs and generate more customers. Contact us for a free quote for a video and ideas on how to market it to generate leads for your business. Call 805 Aerial at: (805) 242-8186.